Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Supply Chain Management is a four-year programme uniquely designed to produce skilled and dynamic graduates in Logistic and Supply Chain industries. Students are trained and exposed to the channel of logistics and supply chain management beginning from the manufacturing and the development of product and services to the end users. Graduate may be involved in the following activities;

  1. Procurement or Purchasing
  2. Manufacturing Management
  3. Warehousing, Packaging and Labeling
  4. Airfreight and Airfreight Charter
  5. Ocean Freight and Marine Chartering
  6. Port and Marine Services
  7. Ships Agencies and Husbandry
  8. Safety and Security
  9. Retail Base Shopping Outlet (Tesco, Carrefour, 7-11 and others)
  10. Transportation
  11. Delivery Services
  12. Inventory Management

• Operation Manager
• Procurement Manager
• Logistic and Shipping Manager
• Warehouse Manager
• Production Manager
• Multimodal Transportation Specialist
• Port and Facility Manager
• Supply Chain Specialist
• Professional Movers
• Custom Brokers
• International Trader
Example of world class companies whose core business are logistic and supply chain management are as follows:
• MAS Cargo

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