The programme is designed to equip graduates with the expertise and knowledge in the field of engineering design to fulfill the needs of the manufacturing industry. All products produced by the manufacturing sectors need to be designed initially. Product which have superior design will be able to increase the productivity and economy of the nation thus increasing the standard of living of the common people. The duration of the programme is 4 years with one semester of industrial training. The students will be exposed to various fields such as art and design, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and the latest computer technology to assist them in their design projects. Students will also be exposed to the manufacturing process and product technology. As such all students of PDE are expected:

  1. To understand the full spectrum of Product Design, from concept to manufacture.
  2. To apply this knowledge to their own design concept.
  3. To learn teamwork and communication skills as applied to Product Design.
  4. To gain confidence in creative a new product.
  5. To gain awareness on the role of multiple functions in creating a new product, marketing and production.

Upon graduation, graduates may join a specialist design consultancy or might choose to the ‘in-house’
environment of a product manufacturer. Other than working for the industrial sector, graduates will also
be able to run their own business or as act as design consultants.

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