Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Business Management is a fully accredited four-year programme that aims at providing technical and managerial skills required for Malaysian manufacturing sector. The objective of IPROM is to produce graduates with competent knowledge in technology, engineering, management as well as business. Other aspects of the industrial requirement such as customer relationship, quality and continuous improvement are also emphasized in order to prepare students for the highly competitive industrial environment. As manufacturing endeavor becomes more technolically driven and with the forces of globalization, our graduates must also be exposed to the latest skills required for managing a global enterprise. IPROM continues to rely on its experienced teaching staff whose knowledge and skills in the hands-on training are comparable to the industrial standards. Knowledge acquired by our graduates will prepare them for the challenges in the real world and this gives them the edge they need to be a competent and skilled worker in the Malaysian industrial sector.
• Project Manager
• Production and Operation Manager
• Scheduling Executive/Manager
• Inventory Management Manager
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Business Development Manager
• Risk Management Manager
• Technical Supervisor
• Financial Controller
• Human Resource Manager
• Bank Executive/Manager
• Technoprenuer
• Marketing Manager
• Retail and Supply Chain Manager
• Officers in Government Agencies

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